JSS Almonds Commitment to Food Safety

Food Safety and Quality Assurance

JSS Almonds is committed to providing our customers and community with the safest almonds of the highest quality possible. We would not be able to fulfill our commitment without the dedication of our upper management, employees, growers, and vendors; all of whom partake in varying roles integral to almond processing.

Our Growers

In October of 2017, JSS Almonds launched their Grower Relations Division to help establish stronger relationships, better lines of communication, as well as serve as an additional source of information and guidance for our growers. JSS Almonds works closely with growers to assist in adherence to Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) and improving food safety, quality, and traceability.

Our Employees

Our employees take great pride in their work and the products they help produce. All employees undergo intensive and documented food safety training prior to their first day on the job and routine monthly trainings on a variety of food safety topics. Without our employee’s hard work and dedication, JSS Almonds would not be able to continually produce the safest almonds of the highest quality.

Our Food Safety Team

In 2017, the Food Safety Team earned their first certification from the British Retail Consortium (BRC), a Global Food Safety Initiative certification scheme. Since then, the Food Safety Team has continued to work hard to improve upon the current system in place and maintain a strong food safety culture within the facility.